Natural HealthAs genetically modified organisms (GMOs) continue to enter the food chain, it’s important for customers to learn about Roundup Ready crops — and the way the glyphosate sprayed on them may be toxic to our well being.

We are constantly working to make your shopping expertise simpler. We understand that it can be overwhelming procuring in a pure meals store. At the NHC, we label all of our gluten free and Non-GMO products. Our vitamin aisles are labelled to make it easier so that you can discover what you might be looking for. And, we’ve an superior workers here to serve YOU!

Every one who involves Lexington Natural Health Center is treated as a person. Treatment plans constructed by our licensed naturopathic docs, Dr. Belanger and Dr. Braga, are holistic, i.e they deal with the entire person and they are at all times based mostly on the latest scientific information. Our remedies are also tailor-made specifically to the patient and may include various therapies equivalent to food plan and way of life changes, nutritional vitamins, minerals, natural drugs, homeopathy and/or different orthomolecular medicines.

It is our perception that God created every human being to be self-healing. Take a take a look at the incredible skills and features of your own physique. You have an immune system that works 24 hours a day to scrub your body and destroy toxins. When you get hold of a wound, the blood mechanically rushes to the site and begins mending. When you’ve got bacteria or viruses your nose starts to run and your physique raises its personal temperature in an try combat off the problem.

In nursing college; nonetheless, I did not be taught anything designed to assist the physique carry out in a healthy method. The knowledge and techniques were great for trauma response however not for being and staying wholesome. As an RN working within the hospital I liked working with folks to help them, but was pissed off figuring out they had been nonetheless unhealthy and would end up coming again to the hospital sooner or later.