Simple Ways to Prevent Heartburn

Simple Ways to Prevent Heartburn

Heartburn can be said as a disease of “a million people” money often makes the sufferer’s activities disrupted. The reason is, when this disease recurs, there will be pain that makes the stomach feel twisted, making the sufferer wince in pain.

Heartburn can be caused by several things, one of which is excess acid in the stomach. This condition can attack the lining of the stomach to cause pain.

In addition, heartburn can be caused by infection of the stomach by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, and chronic use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin. The question is, how to prevent ulcer disease?

Tips for Preventing Ulcer Recurrence
Actually, experts don’t know for sure how Helicobacter pylori spreads or why some people develop ulcer disease without being infected by the H. pylori bacteria. This makes prevention may be difficult to do.

However, fortunately there are efforts that can be done to prevent ulcer disease from recurring. Well, here’s how to prevent ulcer disease that can be done:

Don’t Just Take Food

People with ulcers should avoid foods that can irritate the stomach. Then, what kinds of foods and drinks should people with ulcers avoid? There are various kinds that should be avoided, for example, meats with high fat content, oranges in the form of whole fruit or juices (acidic foods/drinks), and coffee and tea containing caffeine or decaffeinated.

In addition, people with ulcers need to avoid foods with spices that can irritate the mouth and stomach, chocolate, onions, foods that contain a lot of salt, and foods that contain a lot of gas (broccoli, cabbage, and beans).

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

How to prevent ulcer disease can also reduce or avoid alcohol consumption. Consumption of large amounts of alcohol has been shown to contribute to the development of ulcers in the stomach. Therefore, keep alcohol intake to a minimum.

Manage Stress Well

Stress is not just a psychological attack, in some cases stress can also cause an ulcer to recur. Therefore, manage stress well, for example by practicing relaxation techniques. Regular exercise and relaxation techniques between mind and body are believed to help reduce stomach ulcers

Stop Smoking Habits

It turns out that heavy smokers are more likely to develop heartburn than nonsmokers. In addition, smoking habits can also cause various other health problems.

Eat Small Portions

Large portions make the stomach have to work hard to digest food. It’s best to eat small portions, slowly, and don’t lie down after eating.

Don’t Sleep on a Full Stomach

People with ulcers are not recommended to sleep or exercise when the stomach is full. If you want to exercise, do it at least an hour after eating (not large portions). Meanwhile, wait three hours after eating before going to bed.

Avoid Tight Pants or Clothing

How to prevent ulcer disease relapse can also be done this way. The reason, tight pants or clothing can press the stomach, and make food rise to the esophagus.

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