Hypertension sufferers are advised to do the following sports

Hypertension sufferers are advised to do the following sports

In addition to changing healthy eating patterns and taking medication, people with hypertension or high blood pressure need to exercise regularly to control their blood pressure. Even if your blood pressure is not currently classified as hypertension, the risk of hypertension can increase with age. So, what are the benefits of exercise for people with hypertension and what types of exercise are recommended?

What are the benefits of exercise for people with hypertension?
High blood pressure or hypertension occurs when blood flow pushes against the arteries very hard. This causes the heart to work harder to pump blood throughout the body. If it continues to occur, this condition can cause various diseases, such as heart disease or stroke.

Each type of exercise has a different effect on your body. For those of you who have a history of high blood pressure, you should focus on physical activity or moderate intensity exercise which is good for heart and blood vessel health.
The sport that is most recommended for people with hypertension is the type of aerobics. Aerobics includes a variety of repetitive, rhythmic movements that involve the large muscle groups in your body, such as your legs, shoulders, and arms.

Here’s a list of sports recommendations for you:

On foot

Walking is one of the easiest types of aerobic exercise to do, but is efficient for keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy. Even for those of you who are obese, walking can be an option to maintain your weight so that it can also prevent your hypertension from getting worse.
You can take a leisurely morning walk around your house. However, if it is difficult to schedule between sports and other activities, you can exercise while going to work or shopping.


Another type of aerobic exercise that you can try is cycling. By cycling regularly, your heart will work more effectively in pumping blood, so that blood pressure can decrease significantly. Your weight will also be controlled thereby preventing the emergence of various diseases, one of which is hypertension.


You can do walking and cycling while carrying out your daily activities. However, while filling your free time, you can also occasionally do other aerobic exercise to help lower your blood pressure, such as swimming.


Apart from aerobics, you can also do yoga as an alternative exercise to lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. Although reducing blood pressure by doing yoga is not too much, it is enough to reduce the risk of heart disease by 7% and the risk of stroke by 10%.
In addition, yoga can also help reduce stress and the burden on your mind. Therefore, this sport is the right choice for those of you who suffer from hypertension. Consult with your doctor or yoga instructor to find out which yoga movements are suitable for people with hypertension.


Gymnastics is a sport that is recommended for people with hypertension. The reason is, this sport makes your body do a lot of movement, but it’s still safe for your physique.

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