Spider Vein Surgery as a Treatment

Spider Vein Surgery as a Treatment


We, especially ladies have various daily activities that may contribute to the development of spider veins. Most of the time, we are not cautious why spider veins develop in the surface of our skins. We normally ignore it because we are thinking that it is normal to have spider veins and that this is just a varicose vein. But, we have to keep in mind that they are different.

A varicose vein is an abnormal enlargement of the vein. It usually appears on your legs. Most of these veins are raised on the surface of your skin. Can you see these veins? Just like a spider vein, it comes in purple, blue or even skin-colored. It could be dilated, twisted and bulged blood vessels. On the other hand, a spider vein comes in bundles or clusters of small veins near your skin’s surface. It is actually smaller than a varicose vein.

The spider or varicose veins are both abnormalities in the blood vessels that are actually common in grownups. This may occur in males, too. But, more often in females. These vein abnormalities are not often given attention. But, after aching, itching, burning, cramping and throbbing experiences on your legs, ankles or thighs, you need to start caring about it and give the right treatment. That will only happen if you are going to a Spider Vein Clinic. You better do that before it turns out to be serious and complicated.

Removal of Spider Veins

Due to concerned individuals with developing spider veins, several treatments were made possible to remove and stop this vein from its abnormal appearance. For an easy treatment, one may go for a Sclerotheraphy, which is a procedure wherein a doctor simply injects a particular solution into the veins. It will disappear in just weeks or months and then, some needs to repeat this treatment depending on the case. While others, go for a laser vein treatment until it slowly fades. It will take months to stop the veins from its abnormal development.

But, for a severe case, a vein surgery is needed. The doctor will need to discuss this kind of treatment, especially the procedures done. Here, the veins need to undergo ligation and so with stripping. During the procedure, the surgeon needs to cut and tie off the vein that is affected with spider vein. And then, the doctor will remove the vein, so expect to have tiny incisions after the surgery.

The surgery frequently turns out as a success. You do not need to worry about how much pain you will feel during the surgery because you it is done under a general anesthesia. And then, it is not always necessary to stay in the hospital for an overnight. There are possible complications that may arise. It may include bleeding, infections, injury of the nerves, blood clotting and even a contrary reaction of the veins to the injected anesthesia. But, you need not to worry about these complications as long as the procedures are done well, you have an experienced surgeon and a reliable hospital.

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