10 Tips on maintaining hearing health

10 Tips on maintaining hearing health


Children, teenagers, even old people who use earphones certainly are not a sight unfamiliar to you. They use it to listen to music they like.

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Of course listening to music through earphones or other devices is allowed. But you should know when to limit its use to protect your hearing.

Some of the following tips can help you to maintain a healthy hearing everyday, as reported by the Times of India (29/09).

  1. Use earplugs

The louder the sounds that hit the ear, the more likely it will damage your hearing. Protect your ears using earplugs or earplugs. Immediately away from the cause of the noise.

  1. Choosing the best tool

If you want to use earphones or headphones, then choose one that has technology ‘noise cancelling’. Do not select earphones with cover because this causes you to increase the volume.

  1. Let the ears rest

Do not keep on wearing earphones and listening to music through your iPod or MP3 player for a long time. Use it only when you need it.

  1. Shrink MP3 volume

Do not listen to music in high volume. Do not let the sound issued by the earphone sounded out.

  1. Know when the sound is too loud

when the sound of the earphones is disturbing your ears, or when the person next to you can hear the sound, it is too loud. In addition to disturbing others, a voice that is too loud can also damage your ears.

  1. Create a rule

You can apply certain rules, such as listening to music with a maximum volume of 50 percent, or listen to music through earphones maximum 90 minutes a day, and others. Of course, this rule you must obey by yourself.

  1. Cleaning the ears

Do not use cotton bud when cleaning the ears. Instead, drop the olive oil into the ear every week to help the sticky fluid in the ear out naturally.

  1. Use technology

If you want to buy MP3s, choose one that has a ‘smart volume’ feature. This feature will remind you to keep the volume of music up if it is too tight.

  1. Changing earphones

Immediately replace the earphones when your property already looks a bit damaged. Do not wait until it’s completely not working. Because you do not know if the damage could have an impact on the health of your ears.

  1. Do not delay

When you begin to feel something is wrong with your hearing ability, check with your doctor immediately. Do not wait until it’s severe or procrastinate. More quickly known, then the disorder will be more quickly treated and cured.

Those are ten ways you can look to protect your hearing, whether you use earphones or not. Do not underestimate the impact of a loud sound on your ears, because even though it looks small, bad habits are maintained can cause damage to your own health.

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