Yoga, the word itself depicts peace and calmness. It is being continuously practiced and followed from ages for achieving stillness and positivity, moreover calmness of mind, and mantras have a primitive and   very important role in this complete practice of achieving wholesomeness.

 A yoga practice cannot start without chanting mantras. It` is a wonderful way of starting our yoga practice as per my personal experience and it does not have any specification, you can meditate, sing, or just listen to sounds.  It is a great way to charge up our agitated mind which runs from here to there within no time. There is no set time to chant mantras ,whenever you want to relax and just want to shut off all the negativity and stress around you, you can try meditating and chanting mantras. But as per I suggest, morning is the best time to refreshen our thoughts as a well started day goes well.

Mantras are vibrations which help us in a long way to focus on a particular task. While chanting mantras the sounds evoke movements of energy setting a clearer point of view and relaxing our wandering mind.

The one thing which fascinates me about mantras is the sounds themselves. They resonate the different parts of body and mind creating actual events and this is where the magic starts. The vibrations generated by continuous chanting can be felt in different parts of body as per the practice of the practitioner. But this enjoyment is not a cup of tea which can be grabbed and relished in seconds; it requires time and constant efforts of a dedicated mind.

Like music, mantras uses sounds to evoke the movement of physical and emotional energy through stimulating our nervous system from which emerges the meaning but this can only be felt through introspection.

Mantras are much like earthquakes within our body which shaken our system to awareness. By practicing them on a regular basis we can bring more of ourselves online more onboard the journey of health and fitness towards union and wholeness.

Mantras hold within themselves the latent form of universe. They have a definite predictable effect on chakras and the human psyche. Every person has a different perspective of chanting mantras and they even have their own ways. Whatever be their goal of chanting mantras, by this practice, the one thing which they achieve in common is harmony and awareness of their own self which is most required in today’s world of wandering minds.

Mantra is formed by two words MAN+TRA. ‘Man’ which means mind and ‘Tra’ which means tool. So mantra is a supreme tool which has the power to reprogram our subconscious mind and channelize our energy in a positive way.

They are not a small thing, they have power, and infact the one who knows and is passionate about practicing gets the power.

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