What it means to be fat on the inside

What it means to be fat on the inside

A term coined Tofi (thin outside, fat inside) has been making the rounds since Jo Revill wrote about the dangers of Tofi in The Guardian.

What is Tofi?

Tofi refers to individuals who do not carry excess weight according to the traditional understanding of being and looking fat. Tofi is when one has a disproportionate amount of fat stored in the abdomen, even if this is not apparent when looking in the mirror. Also known as adipose tissue, this fat collects around the organs and causes one to be what is known as metabolically obese with normal weight (MONW).

What is MONW?

Being metabolically obese but normal weight is when your organs are surrounded by excess fat. This increases your risk of developing complications associated with metabolic syndromes like insulin resistance, type II diabetes and excess fat around the liver which results in a condition called fatty liver.

The problem with MONW is that there are no external indicators, so diagnosing it requires an MRI. Fat is made up of live cells that secrete hormones and affect the way organs function. Women – especially those who do no exercise – are more prone to carrying internal fat.

What is fatty liver?

Fatty liver is a reversible condition caused by fat cells that accumulate around the liver and remain there via steatosis. Steatosis is when your body retains lipids within a cell. It is most commonly caused by the extended consumption of large quantities of alcohol and it can also be caused by metabolic syndromes like diabetes, obesity and hypertension.


Luckily, fat on the inside of the body is easy to lose; this is the first place your body loses weight. Starting your fat reduction journey with a healthy diet and exercise as set out by a weight loss specialist can get you happy and healthy in no time at all. A long-term plan is key because crash dieting will only make matters worse.

Taking up some regular low-impact exercise will boost your weight-loss – on the inside and the outside. When paired with Slender Wonder, a provider of medical weight-loss plans whereby doctors accompany you every step of the way, you’ll be on the way to becoming a healthier you!

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