What Are Prohormones? –Understanding These Body Building Supplements

What Are Prohormones? –Understanding These Body Building Supplements


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What Are Prohormones? –Understanding These Body Building Supplements In Detail

Prohormones have increasingly become popular among body builders seeking
to achieve a great physique, thanks to the fact that there are surprisingly
inexpensive compared to steroids and many other body building supplements. But
even before delving into detail regarding these supplements, it is equally
important to first off understand what prohormones really are.

What are prohormones? They are compounds that are converted to anabolic hormones through an enzymatic process
once consumed by the body. Prohormones are basically designed to amplify the
activity of the body hormones. Although the body can naturally produce these
compounds on its own, the prohormones present in the body are largely in weaker
forms and thus insufficient for boosting muscle growth devoid of prohormones

Are prohormones more effective than steroids?

Steroids work in a much similar way to testosterone, whereby they
increase the activity of androgen receptors thus boosting the body.
Nevertheless, steroids aren’t effective in building body mass. On the other
hand, prohormones can help increase the body’s ability to burn fat, build
muscle quickly and increase body mass. But just like with steroids, there are
also some inherent risks that come with using prohormones as well. As such,
these steroids aren’t recommendable to persons below 21 years old.

Are prohormones a safer alternative
to steroids?

Unlike steroids which are largely active substances that can be injected
to the body, prohormones are inactive until they are ingested. Again,
prohormones offer diverse benefits unlike steroids, which range from medical to
therapeutic benefits. These supplements can also help combat mood disorders,
insomnia and a wide array of illnesses. Prohormones are regarded as safer
alternatives to the ordinary steroids. Although they can alter the body’s
natural chemistry, prohormones don’t produced side effects once taken in
appropriate dosages. Unlike anabolic steroids, prohormones are legal body
building supplements. Nevertheless, all prohormones aren’t created the same,
and hence it is highly imperative to purchase these supplements from reputable
and legitimate suppliers.

Prohormones and alcohol

Prohormones can get rough on the liver once consumed together with
alcohol. Consuming these supplements together with alcohol tend to overwork the
liver, thus placing you at high risk of liver-related ailments. In addition,
alcohol is known to weaken muscle growth by hindering protein synthesis. As
such, desist from consuming any alcoholic drinks while you are on your

What are the benefits of prohormones?

Although prohormones are known for their powerful performance-enhancing
and muscle building abilities, they offer several benefits in comparison to
other body building supplements. These benefits include among others-

ü Increased libido

ü Better endurance

ü More hair growth

ü Faster recovery

ü Improved physical performance


Like with using steroids, you should equally take caution of your cycles
while using prohormones. Again, a post-cycle therapy is crucial for reducing
the damage occasioned by suppression of your body hormones. Also consistency is
imperative when taking prohormones, thanks to the fact that halting your intake
can lead to serious health problems and further delay your desired results.
Most importantly, always ensure you are getting your prohormones from a
reputable source just to make sure you are getting the right products for your
body building needs. Above all, it is worth noting that although these
supplements can significantly help you build lean muscle, they can only help
you achieve your dream body physique if you are really working hard for it.

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