Top posts and pages of 2022

Top posts and pages of 2022

Sharing the top posts and pages of 2022!

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a Merry Christmas to those who were celebrating!

Some pics from our holly jolly weTop posts and pages of 2022

It was the perfect weekend and I’m already sad that today we’ll be packing away decorations. The holiday season always goes by too quickly, but this year was warp speed. Welp, bring on spring and summer swimming and BBQ season 😉

For today’s post, I wanted to share the top posts and pages of 2022. I always love going back and looking at my top-performing posts to give me an idea of the type of content you want to see. I used this info to plan my editorial calendar, along with your amazing annual survey suggestions. It’s always interesting to see which posts blow it out of the water (which usually have nothing to do with food, fitness, or fashion.. but more like potty training and guinea pigs lol). This year I was surprised! WAY more fitness and health content than usual.

Here are the top 22 posts and pages of 2022!

1. How to set up your Peloton bike or any spin bike

This was one of those posts that I was proud creating, because I knew I had friends out there who needs help with spin bike setup. (Also, I think the Peloton intro video does not explain it very well.) I was pumped to see that this post is still a top pick!

2. Why I tried Nutrisense and what I learned

I’ve been using Nutrisense for over a year now – I have a CGM attached to me while I write this post – and it’s been such a helpful tool in my health journey. It’s been so insightful to see how my body responds to different habits, stressors, foods, and workouts, and I’ve been able to make positive changes in my routine.

3. Potty training tips from two nanas

This is an old post – my girls are far beyond the potty training years – but has held a top spot for a long time. My mom and nana potty trained Liv in 24 hours, and I’m sharing all of their tips here. (P potty trained herself when she was about 18 months old. She yelled at me, “NO MORE DIAPERS” and that was that. I’ve had it very easy on the potty training front lol.)

4. How to keep your guinea pig cage clean

The guinea pigs are SO cute but I REALLY didn’t want our house to smell like a barn when we got them. Here’s how I keep their cage clean!

5. F45 vs. Orangetheory – my full review

This was another post that I thought would help those who were curious about the difference between the two popular bootcamp-style classes. I break it all down here!

6. How to train for a half marathon while strength training

I made this training plan for a friend (who has used it successfully a few times now) and wanted to share it on the blog. I’m definitely not a running coach, but I am pretty good at putting plans together that can help you get towards your goals without encouraging overtraining injuries.

7. Why type of cardio to do after strength training

8. Morning detox drink

This morning detox drink is such a great way to start the day, and now through my work studying blood sugar balance and learning more through IHP, I know more about WHY this can be so beneficial. I had stopped drinking it, but brought it back into my routine. It’s excellent first thing in the morning, or even in the afternoon an hour or so before lunch or dinner.

9. Homemade gelatin gummies for gut health

LOVE these little gelatin-packed gummies and so do the kids! They ask to make these every few weeks.

10. How much cardio is too much?

The GOLDEN fitness question. Surprise: you *need* less than you likely think you need.

11. I got my breast implants removed + my experience with explant surgery

This is still one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health. While I definitely miss the look of my implants, I feel a thousand times better with them out. I anticipate that this post will continue to be a top post because the demand for this procedure continues to rise as women become more educated about the potential harm of breast implants.

12. Adrenal cocktail recipe and why you should try it

This is another healthy drink I love! You can also drink it AFTER a balanced meal (veggies, protein, healthy fats, smart carbs), if you’re worried about spiking blood sugar.

13. How to take care of a fiddle leaf fig tree

Frida, the queeeeeeen! It’s hard to believe that she’s even bigger now than she was in these pics! She’s slowly taking over the living room. Sharing all of the details about how I keep her alive and thriving.

14. Fall wardrobe essentials

Some of my favorite fashion finds for fall, plus some options that stay within trends without looking too young.

15. TRX workout plan for beginners

One of my favorite things about the TRX is that it’s easily scaled for various fitness levels. This plan focuses on exercises that would be appropriate for beginners, with room for more challenging professions.

16. How to combine Peloton with other workouts + a sample plan

This one is all about how to use the Peloton bike if you like to do other workouts and how to combine them into a weekly plan.

17. Pure barre vs. barre3. Which one is better?

The details on two of my barre class loves, which are both excellent workouts, but are very different from one another.

18. Copycat glow bowl recipe from Flower Child

We’re finally getting a Flower Child and I CAN’T WAIT. In the meantime, I recreate recipes like this one.

19. Fitness Categories

I didn’t post a ton of new workouts this past year – it’s one of my goals for 2023 – but I was happy to see ya’ll are still using the workouts and plans I’ve shared here.

20. We painted our cabinets Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

This is one of the best DIYs we’ve done for the house and it was a huge money saver.

21. DIY grazing boxes

Love these mini cheese board boxes for an individual appetizer, or little gift along with a bottle of wine.

22. How to make tempeh taste good

The age old question haha. Thankfully, I have a few amazing tempeh recipes and strategies!

These blog posts are random… just like yours truly

It’s a pretty solid mix of fitness, good eats, and lifestyle posts. I also noticed that the second half of my top 50 analytics were focused on biohacking products (like my sauna blanket review, Oura ring, red light face mask, etc.). I was very surprised to see so much fitness content doing well this year. It was a good nudge to continue to answer questions my friends out there want to know regarding fitness and health strategies, classes, and formats. It’s also a good nudge to post some more full plans and workouts!

If you have any suggestions for the upcoming year, pleeeeeease take 2 minutes to fill out my annual survey here. It’s so important to me to create a blog that you enjoy reading, so your feedback means the world to me.

Ok friends, I’m doing something wild the rest of the week: I’m taking the week off of blogging. I’m pretty sure I’ve never done this and am looking forward to a little break and hitting the new year back here refreshed and ready to go!

It will be the perfect time to enjoy some extra adventures with our babies before they head back to school. I also need to do this for myself to prove that my blog won’t disappear if I happen to step away for a few days. 😉

I’ll see you all in the new year and hope you have a wonderful week!



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