Jason Freskos Helps Set Up a Yoga Studio at Home

Jason Freskos Helps Set Up a Yoga Studio at Home

No need to hit the gym. Just nama-stay at home.

Adding yoga to any workout routine has been proven to boost overall physical, mental, and spiritual health. However, finding a studio and attending classes in person may be challenging. During the pandemic, many beginning practitioners benefited from virtual, online sessions streamed from the comfort (and safety) of their own homes.

But you’ll need more than just a mat-sized area tucked in the corner of your living room. While it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, instructor Jason Freskos lays out three basic ideas that serve as the foundation for any at-home yoga studio.

Outfit Your Space

You can’t practice from home without the basics. 

Obviously, at least one yoga mat is a necessity. Add a few more if you expect to have friends or family join you. Choose mats in colors, patterns, and textures you enjoy since this will serve as the foundation of your exercise. Jason Freskos recommends leaving one of these mats unrolled. This will attract you to practice more often. Avoid direct sunlight though, which can dry out the rubber in your mat over time.

Beyond a mat, there are other items that will help. Yoga blocks provide support if working on flexibility, while straps can push you into deeper poses. A bolster aids in restorative sessions. As a general rule, equip at least a couple of each per person. Woven blankets and meditation cushions also keep the body supported and comfortable. But you don’t need to splurge on something expensive. Feel free to use pillows, cushions, and blankets already around your house.

Create a Mood

Your at-home studio isn’t a physical location. It’s defined by the vibe you create. Whether it’s in the garage or a spare bedroom, designate your space and adorn it accordingly. The goal is calm, meditative energy. 

Set the tone with soothing colors and warm lighting. Make the space inviting by immersing yourself with gray, soft green, and light blue hues. Use dimming bulbs to lower the lights. Houseplants are nice touches to really feel focused and secluded.

Awaken your other senses as well. Nothing alters the mood like music. Invest in quality speakers in the corners of your room to play your favorite playlist. Another way to engage your senses is through smell. Deep, controlled breathing is enhanced with candles or diffusers. 

Find Inspiration

You are unique and personal. Your yoga space should reflect this.

The best way to find inspiration and gain emotional energy throughout your practice is by creating an altar. These sentimental objects should be displayed prominently, reminding you of your connection with something larger. Jason Freskos suggests photos or inspirational quotes. They can even be items you’ve collected from your travels. Anything that transports you will work. 

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