4 Reasons Why Personal Mentoring is Better for Self-Growth

4 Reasons Why Personal Mentoring is Better for Self-Growth


I may be the writer of this article, but nobody trained me to. I never attended expensive lectures, never took special classes, nor did I ever let my parents nag me into it. I’ve been writing for years, and I’ve been doing it because I want to – not just that I have to.

Often times we find ourselves thinking “What in the world am I doing here?” Or, wondering about all the breathtaking experiences we could’ve had if only we had better control of our lives.  But instead we stick to the same routine, stay on a job we feel unhappy with, and deny ourselves of certain pleasures just because we are convinced of the innumerable excuses we made ourselves believe in.

But have you ever thought about channeling this way of self-programming into something more useful? Make it into something actionable, something to make your life richer and full of meaning.

Try personal mentoring. And here’s why.


4 Reasons Why You Should Try Personal Mentoring

  • Nobody Knows You Better But Yourself

You are only as good as you perceive yourself to be.

They say you can’t learn this but if you say you can – YOU CAN.

They say you should do this but if you say you won’t – YOU WON’T.

They say you are useless but if you say you are not – YOU ARE NOT.

You are the only person in the world who has a say about yourself. And only you can determine your limits – we just help you find it.

  • Discover Things You Never Thought You Had In You

When you immerse yourself in effective personal mentorship, you get to unfold parts of yourself you never thought existed. You realize that you are a unique creation capable of many things. And you learn that loosening your external locus of control allows you to see facets of your being that has been locked away for a long, long time.

And, it’s all because you are afraid of change. Don’t let anyone or any label restrain you anymore from meeting your full potential.

  • You Are Your Biggest Fan But Also Your Meanest Critique

Human as we are, we foster a love-hate relationship towards ourselves. And, that’s normal. In the words of Alfred Adler, “We strive for superiority, for self-perfection.” This is why we continually evolve ourselves through a rollercoaster of valuing and devaluing our actions. If anyone knows the best thing we can do with our lives – that’s us.

Just take it easy on the criticism and show yourself more love!

  • You Can Learn At Your Own Pace

Personal mentorship is undemanding. Learn, discover, experiment, and live as fast or as slow as you want. The most important thing is to feel value in what you do, to feel excited about what you learn.

Doing something with a half-baked attitude will never fill the gaps in your life. No one is chasing after you, life isn’t chasing after you – run with ease.

If you feel like you’re ready to make a big change in your life, give personal mentorship a try. You get one chance to live; you deserve the most out of it.


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