2017 was a year with some pretty boldly innovative releases on the market for vaporizers and rightly so seeing as how it’s an industry which just seems to continue growing. I’d like to hope that fact has something to do with more and more people realizing or learning that vaping their cannabis is healthier. If you’ve been contemplating these facts and you’ve been wondering about what might be the best portable vaporizer from 2017, maybe to save a few pennies,    here’s a few great examples to consider.

  1. Firefly 2: I’ve never had the pleasure of trying one myself, but there are heaping tons of rave reviews all over the internet for this brilliant device. It’s hardly bigger than a flash drive, but it’ll cost you 300$. It’s worth its salt, however, and delivers in all its aspects such as the five second heat up time, or the precise temperature control through its smartphone app.
  2. Linx Vapor: This model looks really similar to many vapes that are used for vaping nicotine e-liquid, so it’s very discreet. A bit more affordable at 160$, it delivers a great vaping experience, but like the firefly it’s certainly not ideal for group seshing since it has a pretty small chamber.
  3. Source Slim XL: At the very great price of 120$, this vape is uniquely for concentrates. It comes with a hidden silicone container which attaches to the bottom so you can store your stash of chosen concentrate very stealthily. It comes with two different chambers as well to give you the option between large clouds of smoke or more flavorful hits. The company also claims to use grade 1 titanium only for their coils so that’s a plus. At this price, the only real con is that it’s only useful to dabbers.
  4. DaVinci IQ: Often hailed by reviewers as the Apple of vaporizers, DaVinci provides a very sleek and elegant design. Of course, like Apple, you should expect to pay top dollar at about 300$. The app provides full control of the vaping experience with a very simple interface, and its very comfortable to hold, as well as fitting very easily in pockets. The only real con is that if you let residue build up it can get tough to get it all out, so you might want to clean it regularly.