Gas mask bongs are surprisingly good for your health

Of course no doctor will ever recommend that anyone take up smoking cannabis through a gas mask bong. But the surprising reality is that these novelty bongs are far healthier than smoking joints or bowls and are infinitely better for you than smoking cigarettes. While gas mask bongs may have the reputation as being hardcore drug paraphernalia, in truth, they’re actually a pretty efficient and safe way to smoke herb.

Smokea rises from the ashes of prohibition is one of the foremost suppliers of bongs, pipes and smoking accessories in the world today. Riding on top of the wave of pot legalization and decriminalization that has taken place within the United States over the last two decades, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in personal smoking accessories.

Historically prohibited for any kind of use within the United States, starting in 2012, cannabis began being fully legalized … Read more