For a few people, the hearing might have different sharpness between the left and right ears. And also between one or another. In addition, psychological factors also play an important role in hearing acuity, like attention, concentration, and the psychological situation. The examination hearing can measure the difference degree movies hearing. The function test is to find out whether a person’s hearing normal degree movies, hard of hearing or deafness at each frequency. Hearing tests are beneficial for some fields, here are the example:

For Education Purpose

The students should undergo a hearing test, which is beneficial for the smooth process of teaching and learning. An examination of school children is a part of the examination for school health. The other examinations are weight and height measurement, and also an examination of the eye. The examination hearing in children is done once a year, at least once every three years. On a normal child with a normal hearing does not face the difficulty of receiving lessons. In children who lack hearing, they can be treated the right way. The treatment in accordance with their disorder as soon as possible.

The Industry Worker

The machines with a very rowdy and noisy can affect those who work in factories. The acoustic trauma, that could lead to the deaf experience. It is this circumstance which needs to pay attention to Medical examination, to conduct hearing tests for employees on a regular basis.

To Conduct A Diagnosis

To determine whether a child or a person undergoing a deaf, mentally retarded, autistic child, then the hearing tests is one of the form of the examination along with other examinations. That is why the hearing tests useful to enforce diagnosis abnormalities.

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