Winnebago County Health Department(WCHD), Rockford, IL

Winnebago County Health Department(WCHD), Rockford, IL

Health DepartmentI am not related to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment nor am I associated with any Kansas licensing or little one care entities.

There are two decisions in type of license when applying for a home daycare in the state of Kansas: licensed day care home and group day care house. The important variations between the two are the quantity of kids you may legally watch at any given time and the number of suppliers required to be on the premises during day care hours. The quantity of youngsters you may legally take care of at any time includes your own youngsters for each license varieties.

If you feel that your licensor has interpreted a regulation incorrectly and insists that you simply observe their manner please contact KDHE for assistance and get their reply in writing. It’s vital for all suppliers in Kansas that the entire state’s regulations are interpreted exactly as they’re defined. If your licensor is flawed and something occurs on your watch the accountability will finally be on your shoulders; not your licensor’s.

According to Lexie’s Law, handed in 2010, anyone who offers look after a number of unrelated children for a complete of twenty or more hours per week must turn into licensed with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). This may look like a frightening job, however not solely is it relatively easy it also supplies a security web for both parents and suppliers. Maintaining your private home day care at or above state requirements helps retains kids protected and also retains suppliers accountable and arranged.

With a group day care home license, you can function with one provider as long as you are following the license capacities outlined in the first and second tables below. If you would like to enhance your license capacity, like in the third or fourth tables under, a second provider is required. Keep in thoughts that when you operate below the third or fourth tables and your second provider becomes unavailable then you’ll need to ship youngsters house until you might be working legally.

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