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You hit the nail on the top when you mentioned that crystals are like residing beings – that is as a result of they ARE dwelling beings! Literally! They are a pure manifestation of main life-drive power. Silica Dioxide has been recognized about for hundreds of years, it’s a constituent of sand and is most frequently present in nature in the type of quartz. Amazingly, quartz is also found in many living organic organisms.

For instance, you may flip your computer off and take the battery out but even once you begin it back up once more, the computer nonetheless knows what to do – the data it needs to operate is retained within the microchips, even when they have no power supply. It was additionally announced fairly recently that quartz has the flexibility to store knowledge for up to three million years!

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Central to SW Arkansas is an incredible place for crystals. You can dig your individual or buy them on the many crystal retailers. Arkansas and Brazil are well-known for having the largest superb crystal deposits on earth. Believe this or take it for a grain of salt, however we’re informed that the Atlanteans seeded the large crystals in Ark. and Brazil as a part of their crystal farms. Of course, we are already famous for having a diamond mine the place an individual can go dig to try to find one. If you do, you get to maintain it irrespective of its size or worth.