Gas mask bongs are surprisingly good for your health

Of course no doctor will ever recommend that anyone take up smoking cannabis through a gas mask bong. But the surprising reality is that these novelty bongs are far healthier than smoking joints or bowls and are infinitely better for you than smoking cigarettes. While gas mask bongs may have the reputation as being hardcore drug paraphernalia, in truth, they’re actually a pretty efficient and safe way to smoke herb.

Smokea rises from the ashes of prohibition is one of the foremost suppliers of bongs, pipes and smoking accessories in the world today. Riding on top of the wave of pot legalization and decriminalization that has taken place within the United States over the last two decades, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in personal smoking accessories.

Historically prohibited for any kind of use within the United States, starting in 2012, cannabis began being fully legalized in parts of the country. In that year, Colorado and Washington State both lifted all criminal sanctions on the legal consumption of the drug, making it effectively legal for anyone over the age of 18 to consume cannabis in those states. Since then, six additional states have completely decriminalized the recreational use of the drug.

In addition to that, countless jurisdictions across the country, at the municipal and county levels, have decided to treat the illegal use of cannabis as a civil infraction, similar to a parking ticket. This has arguably had an even more profound impact on cannabis users, making the herb effectively legal for public consumption in hundreds of cities across the country, even in states where it is still technically illegal.

What’s more, there are currently only three states where the use of cannabis is completely prohibited. This is a remarkable turnaround for a country that once treated the herb in much the same way as it treated dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroin. As late as the 1990s, almost all states maintained blanket prohibitions against the mere possession of the plant.

There has never been a better time to be a cannabis enthusiast in the United States. Current trends appear to be distinctly heading towards the total national legalization of the herb. Whether this is done through a final, federal law that clarifies its total legality or through a patchwork of state laws, by 2030, there will probably be few places in the United States where smoking a joint, rather than having a beer, will not be a respectable and legal option.

Don’t reach for that joint just yet

While it is unlikely that restaurants and other public places will allow people to bring their own bongs, there is little doubt of the benefits of using them. In fact, gas mask bongs, which allow for the total retention of inhaled smoke while wearing the mask, are far healthier than smoking a filterless joint. A gas mask bong actually reduces coughing while allowing for a much more intense hit. Any habitual joint smoker who has not yet tried one of these devices is strongly urged to do so.



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